Welcome to Fox Class. In our class we have 2 year groups – year 1 and year 2. We have an active and creative curriculum that sees us working in the classroom, in our outside area and in the school grounds.
We have a structured, busy morning developing and improving our core subjects (Reading, English including Handwriting and Maths). In the afternoons our Topic lessons give us lots of chances to be independent because we can choose from a range of challenges, our Science lessons keep us curious and our PE lessons keep us active and develop our ability to work as a team.

Sophie Percival

Class teacher

Fox Curriculum Plan

9.3.20 Coast Guard Visit

2.3.20 George's Marvellous Medicine- We enjoyed making George's Grandma a cup of tea. We also took photos of our friends with the iPads and wrote instructions for how to make tea

11.2.2020 -Magic Porridge Pot Day - We invited parents into class an made them porridge and performed our own versions of the Magic Porridge Pot Story

14.2.20 Maths Day- We dressed up as robots and rock stars. We enjoyed solving maths problems outside and creating our own maths games

29.10.19 Seaton Tram Trip- We went on the tram from Colyton to Seaton and we also visited Seaton Library