Performance Information

At the end of KS2 (end of primary school) all children are assessed in Reading, Maths and Grammar by national statutory tests. Schools are also required to assess children’s achievements in writing and these assessments are moderated by the Local Authority.

As part of our reports to parents, we inform you of your child’s achievements in the tests along with the teacher assessments of the wider curriculum.

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Early Years

Good Level of Development No10.00
Good Level of Development %83%

Key Stage 1 Results Year 2

No in Chort 10Expected80%80%80%

Key Stage 2 Results Year 6

No in Chort 15Expected87%73%67%87%60%
Average Scaled Scores109.7102.9108.1
Average Progress Scores2.06-4.84-5.06

Additional information

Letter from the Secretary of State regarding the school’s performance at the end of KS2 in 2016.

See our school profile on the Department for Education’s website for information on our performance.