Growth Mindset

Together we learn and grow

Shute is a school that offers an irresistible invitation to learning;

Children are involved in planning the learning for the term using ‘We Were Wondering.’  The Medium Term Plan starts with a big question like ‘If you could go anywhere, where would you go?’  All classes in KS1 have regular access to their own outside areas.  We try to have at least one trip each term to enrich the children’s learning experience.

…a school where learning is an exciting challenge;

We believe that children should learn how to take on a challenge, have a ‘growth mindset’ and learn how to develop a resilience to complete a challenge.  We use the analogy of the learning pit.  Most of our learning involves the children choosing a mild, spicy or super spicy challenge.

..a school where learners work together to make connections;

We use Kagan’s collaborative learning models wherever possible to improve our group learning skills.  We use ‘buddies’ to help the transition from Pre-School to school where year 5/6 children work closely with reception children, especially in the Autumn Term.


….a school that encourages curiosity;

Children are encouraged to ask questions to further their understanding.  Each week children are chosen from each class who have shown curiosity or overcome a challenge in their learning.  They go into the ‘Green for Growth Book’ and receive a certificate to take home.

…a school where learning is a preparation for life.

Our children are given a great start in life.  A higher percentage than National, achieve a Good Level of Development in EYFS.  Our KS1 and KS2 children make excellent progress regardless of their starting points especially in reading and maths.  Above all, the children are taught how to use learning behaviours that will equip them for the rest of their lives!